Friday, May 27, 2011

The truth about going into labor


If there are 1st time mom's reading this and curseing the ground I walk on I'm sorry to tell you but it's true.
I know this from previou spregnancies and had heard of things this time that I hadn't tried before so I did have some glimmers of hope.
I am almost 38 weeks this time and I really need to get my baby girl out! I'm not so much inpatient as I have a valid concern for avoiding another c-section. She's already pretty good size and last weekend when I went in to get checked out in the L&D unit her heart rate dropped when I had random contractions. If she gets too big then labor and delivery could be extra stressful which isn't good for her and her heart rate and definately not good for my prospects of haveing another successful VBAC. Grrr!

Here are a list of things I have tried now and in previous pregnancies:
  • black cohosh- tried it with Davin & Cole
  • raspberry leaf tea- Davin
  • walking!!!- It's good for positioning and any exercise is better than none but it only gives me painful unproductive contractions
  • dancing- tiring but fun! I have seen this work for others and I will continue my efforts in this arena.
  • climbing- stairs, hills... good for positioning but not so helpful for me
  • sex- fun but not helpful to me right now at least
  • clary sage oil- nothing
  • nipple stim- I'm getting a good stock of colostrum in the freezer but mo contractions
  • yoga ball- great for positioning and as a comfort measure during labor but no amount of bouncing has helped me in any of my pregnancies
  • squats- I got the baby to move down pretty nicely but I did them to early and she moved back up and I pulled something in my undercarriage. I will do these again once I can get a few regular contractions going.
  • evening primrose oil- nothing!!!! not in any of my pregnancies has this worked
  • accupressure- If I can get someone talented going on it I will get contractions but so far nothing has panned out
  • castor oil- I tried I had such a fun night and all that night and yet I had no baby :-( midwife still recommends it though if I get desperate this time so I might choose to try it again here next week
  • stripping of the membranes- yup we have done it and I lost my mucus plug but not much else. going to keep at it though, it can't hurt!
  • pineapple- apparently you need at least 7 pineapples and those I have ever eaten is 1 whole one.
  • spicey food- it only gives me heart burn, I really don't need more heart burn
Nothing works!!! Science says that the baby gives off chemicals which sigmnal the mother to deliver. they don't know the composition of the chemincals  or how and when and why it happens. obviously sometimes it doesn't happen for everyone. I might just be one of those people that has a stubborn body. Not even medical inducion worked for me the 1st time around. Cole's induction failed and he was delivered by c-section.

This is the reality of bringing children into the world. If I do find something that works I'll bee sure to shout it from the roof tops and if I go into labor within reasonable proximity of any of these "natural" induction techniques I will document it  and let you be the judge.

For now; wish me luck and labor:-)

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