Sunday, December 18, 2011

school and other nonsense

It's been a while since I blogged so I thought I'd log in and keep my feet wet.

I could have blogged our christmas craft but did I?
We made little sled ornaments for the kids and some close friends and family. They turned out really cute. I might still add those in but that would require getting all my craft supplies out and making one for the example and taking pictures along the way.

I have a good potential blog with all my christmas recipies I'm going to be making as gifts for friends and neighbors. We will se if I follow through with that one.

In other news: school is out until mid-january!!! I'm bit nervous about the timeline though because I am schedualed for a partial hysterectomy on the 13th and school starts on the 18th for me. I'm hoping I'll be ok and able to tough it out through classes in that first week or two.
It sure seems like I have had something major come up every semester that I've been in school. Seriously; my parents got a divorce, my dad moved in and out, I got my first flair up with a chronic pain disorder, I got pregnant, I had a baby, my Drewser died, and now I'm starting off the new semester with a surgery. That covers my last 2 years in college. I'm praying that the next 2 years will be far less eventful.

I might blog in the next couple of days about our christmas traditions. I have seen a few other bloggers doing it and it seems like a good topic. I'm not sure I want to follow the herd though...

I have about a zillion things to get done now that school is on break (hallelujah!!) I need to catch up laundry- as usual, baking, wrapping, did I mention laundry?, I need to sort through the kids stuff in preparation for christmas, I need to sit back and enjoy some of this time, laundry, make meals in advance for my surgery, read the book for my book club, and even more laundry!

Welcome to my random chaotic world and for that matter welcome to my random insightful ramblings at 12am :-)

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