Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Davin's FINAL potty training adventure

I think we're here! I think he's finally decided that it's worth his while to go ahead and potty train. In his time in his way, Davin is joining the rest of the underwear wearing world.
What did we do? Nothing. what did we say? nothing.
It was his decision and I think all the practice and encouragement didn't hurt but in the end he just needed to be ready. He didn't initiate this process though. I told him this week that we were going to buckle down and work on it (like I do every week) and for some reason this week he decided that it would be a good time. It could have something to do with the fact that we're signing the boys up for their spring sports, perhaps it's because we've been talking about sending him to preschool and he knows he can't go unless he's potty trained.
Maybe I finally withheld enough potty treats...

Kids are so random.

With the promise of potty traning and Chuck E Cheese hanging over our heads as a reward I think this may be Davin's LAST potty traning adventure.

BTW- Check E Cheese has all sorts of reward calendars. We used this one with Cole and it's been enough of an incentive for Davin as well. This week We're doing the behavior one with Cole while Davin does his potty training chart so that they both have something to work for and they don't regress. You can check out the reward charts here:

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