Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthdays at Pizza Hut?

Ok so this is specific to OUR pizza hut on the blvd here in Nampa but other pizza Huts may consider doing this I guess if you asked.When Aaron and my Dad came home one day after picking up dinner talking about how Pizza Hut does birthday parties and they only charge for the food and will put on the whole party for pretty much nothing. I thought it was WAY too good to be true and didn't think much of it. We got to talking about it a few weeks later and I decided to give them a call and the manager atthe Pizza Hut even remember the conversation. Sure enough he said he would supply the decorations, and a clown and put on a party for no extra charge. I booked the party right away. I have never considered anything except at home parties for the kids so this is a step outside my comfort zone.
I preordered our pizzas the week before so they could be sure to have enough (thanks seriously for all those timely RSVPs). I talked to the manager the day before the party and we were essentially assigned a waitress. She did the shopping for the party, gave me her cell number, asked for specifics, she thought of everything!
When we got there it was all set up minus a few last minute touches. They seriously HAD thought of EVERYthing!!!! The theme was cookie monster and everything was blue and white. They had a kid's table set up with sesame themed plates and napkins, there were balloons, games were set up, they had cookies sitting out and had even gone and bought milk to go with the cookies. They even had coloring pages and had ripped out all of the Cookie Monster sheets out of several coloring books.

All I brought and had to worry about was the cupcakes, people, and money. True enough; it was all free except for the cost of food and with the any size any topping for $10 deal they have going, it was truely a good deal.
They were more than prepared for us and very flexable and accomodating. 

We asked if Davin could blow out candles on his favorite pizza (chicken pizza) and they came up with a way to do it inspite of the pizza being hot. I forgot our candles and they had thought to even get back ups. Seriously, I have never had sucha  stress free party. The clown entertained the kids (who weren't scared of him)

I have nothing but good things to say about our experiance and I would totally recommend if you ever get the chance to do something like this to go ahead and try it.

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  1. Sounds even better than Chuck E. Cheese! :-) Good job!