Sunday, February 13, 2011

~If Life Was More Like Scooby Doo~

  • There would be no real bad guys, just misguided people in masks.
  • Life's little problems could be solved by food and you would stay skinny
  • My dog would be far less maintenance and people would treat him with respect
  • Car repair would be easy
  • Money would never even be a topic of conversation

 The mystery machine breaks down and it's an easy fix but conveniently not fixable until after the mystery gets solved. Money is never an issue for these 4 young adults and they get to go everywhere and do just anything they want. Scooby is always welcome into places and if he's not well then he can just hop up on 2 legs and pretend he's not a dog. The world has no real problems in Scooby Doo reality except for the occasional psycho who wants to take over the world but how dangerous can these bad guys really be if 4 teenagers can take them down? Yes folks, even in fantasy land unfortunately there are crazy people. Most people get along though and there are never really any big dividers in Scooby and Shaggy's life. You can run fast and make your body do crazy stunts and you have skills to do things you have have never tried before. No one gets  really hurt and in 30 some years of Scooby Doo I have only seen someone get sick once. (yes I have seen all the episodes) The technology rocks too, have you ever noticed how all the bad guys seem to have these crazy awesome inventions? Daphne seems to have a bottomless purse and if you really want to you could live off of some crazy good dog biscuits. Eating seems to be optional so there isn't any hunger but if you do want to gorge yourself there aren't any consequences.
Today I think I would like to be a cartoon. Can someone please call me if you're interested in turning me into a fictional animation?

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