Friday, February 11, 2011

Why should I have a blog?

I always kind of thought blogging was stupid but in the last few months I have had some epiphanys and I have opinions like anyone else. Where can I put these things?
My head is crowded.
Facebook is WAY too public.
oh yes, here we are on my very first BLOG!

What will I blog about?
-EVERYTHING that I want to!-
Nothing is off limits and I get to be nice and smile and nod in the real world but here on this new found little corner of the web I can put what I really feel. Politics, religion, random observations, life lessons, and recipes are among my favorite notions.
This is me and I don't have to be politically correct here, I like that. I'm not fancy, I'm not flashy, most of this will be boring  and not so sensational but there may be a few pearls along the way :-)

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