Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training

Davin is now entering a new stage in his life. In my opinion if a child is old enough to tell me that he needs his diaper changed then he's old enough to put it in the potty. Davin consistantly tells me when I need to change him and so begin our potty adventures. Armed with a brand new copy of Elmo's Potty Time, sesame street underwear, and pack of plastic pants I am bodly going where many moms have gone.

(For the record; Cole potty trained himself. One day he simply said he didn't want diapers and we made a reward chart and he never missed a beat.)

Davin insists that he is baby Davin, he is perfectly happy in diapers and says he doesn't need big boy underwear. Keeping in mind that it's bad to push a child too much in potty training I do feel like I need to be firm. Davin is excited to wear is new big boy Sesame Street underwear and he has used the potty before.

Here's our plan:
We have a potty chart which gives rewards in consistant intervals. It's a 3 week chart and each week brings a new a bigger reward.
Week 1- We stay home! Davin gets positive reinforcement EVERY TIME he uses the potty. He is only expected to stay dry while he is awake and will wear underwear only while we are at home and he is awake. He gets to mark each accident free day with a sticker at night. After 7 accident free days Davin gets a reward. He has decided to work toward his own baseball bat. 
Week 2- Davin is expected to stay dry at home AND if we go out. He will continue to recieve positive reinforcement everytime he uses the potty We will be wearing underwear and plastic pants at home and use pull ups while we are out and about. Davin loves hats and wants to work for a mariners hat this week.
Week 3- Underwear during all waking hours and pull ups at night and during nap. A reward will be given everytime he wakes up unsoiled and at the end of this last week we will be celebrating with a family trip to the zoo!

I really have never really had to "work" on potty training. I know that consistancy and praise go a long way and I would suppose that if we skip a step we would move up our rewards accordingly. For example if Davin stays dry every nap and night time while he's working on leaving the house and staying dry then maybe we could wrap it up a week early and hit the zoo in a new hat.

I will posts updates on the first day and then weekly there after.

For the record we tried to start tonight and it was a disaster- 3 pairs of underwear in 4 hours.
Houston we have a timing issue.

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