Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Easter Thought

An Easter revelation:
I saw a post on a friend’s facebook which prompted me to do some research.
She said:HAPPY EASTER!! Ever wonder why Easter eggs are in the picture? In Christian times, the dipping of an egg into water was a symbol of new life just as a chick might hatch from the egg. Coloring eggs has been a part of many cultures' rites of spring and other seasonal holidays. Eat yummy food today and remember to dye some eggs! :-)” -Angie Fugal
Let me now give you some insight to my inner dilemma as a Christian parent. Aaron and I have chosen not to use fictional characters (like Santa or the Easter bunny) to celebrate holidays which we value deeply as Christians.  Part of our mind set  is that this is already a great holiday; why take value away from the awesome meaning and story behind it with the aforementioned non-related random characters?
I really enjoy dying and hunting for eggs and was happy to see my friend post this. I did some research and found a GREAT point of view on it. You may not agree with it but I really like the spin they put on Easter eggs since I was kind of looking for a way to incorporate our values into a tradition I happen to love.
 The website is:
To para-phrase and make a long story short this Pastor did his own research on the biblical basis for dying eggs and came up with a wonderful explanation.
The original Greek that the Bible was written in uses the word baptidzo which means to dip and dye. It is also used in the context in Greek if you were reading about dipping and dying linens. 
2 Corinthians 5:17 Says “Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new crea­ture: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”  So…. a person who comes to Jesus Christ can be likened to an old garment that needs to be dipped into a vat of dye so its color can be changed. However, the person isn’t dipped into a vat of colored dye, but into the precious blood of the Lamb!
The lesson that this pastor used to teach the children from this is that eggs are like people; you dip them and change them forever they are given new life.  For some people this might be a reach but as a parent I think it’s a great visual reminder for our kids to really get what it means to be a Christian and how we should be different than the other eggs. To me that goes hand in hand with the Easter message and thus I will continue to enjoy my egg dipping traditions and add some new meaning to them to pass along to my children.

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