Wednesday, August 10, 2011

cloth wipes... am I crazy?

I use cloth diapers to save money. I could claim I'm in it for the betterment of my baby and the environment too but it really all just boils down to money. There are some pitfalls to cloth diapers. I don't mind the laundry, I don't mind the couple extra minutes it takes for each diaper change, I don't mind the bulky nature of cloth either. In fact I think the puffy diaper butt is kind of cute :-)
The thing I hate is the wipes! I hate how I have to pick out the wipes and touch the poo all over again and if I don't get them all then they leave white wispy stuff all over my cloth diapers. Grrrrrr!!!
I had thought of clothe wipes when I invested in cloth diapers and at first I was kind of grossed out by it. Why would I want to wash and reuse not only my diapers but my wipes too?!?! Plus, have you seen what people charge for the courtesy of reusing your wipes. Cloth wipes are like $12+ per dozen! Holy cow! Seriously?!?!
Well, last week after shelling out another $10 just for wipes for the 8th week in a row I decided that I'm tired of essentially putting poop on money and throwing it away.
Now before you really think I have gone off the deep end please know that there are things I will not do and big kid poop is one of those things. Davin poops once a day and I do not plan to reuse anything associated with that daily ritual. He wears disposable diapers over nap time which is when he usually gets stinky and I plan to use disposable wipes in that scenario as well. Newborn baby poop though is really no big deal and I have no problem with it. I'm just tired of touching it twice when it comes to having to sift through the dirty cloth diaper to fish out the wipes to throw them away.
I don't know about you  but I'm a bit short on disposable income both for disposable wipes and investing in cloth. Then I had an idea; a crafty idea!

I started looking at these wipes as closely as online pictures would let me. They are made of flannel. Hmmmm... What are receiving blankets made of? Flannel! We have a TON of receiving blankets and there are a few that really aren't my favorite. We have way more than Faith ever goes through in a week. You see where I'm going with this....
Step one:
Sacrifice some blankets and scrap cloth. I kind of eye balled the size using the bottom of my wipe box and I made them square. Some are lopsided but who cares? Seriously, it's going to wipe my baby's butt it doesn't have to be perfect; it just needs to be sturdy.

Step two:
I used a zigzag stitch and doubled my rectangular cutouts (making them square) because I noticed that a lot of the flannel wipes you buy are in fact 2 ply. I stitched around the edges and then just once diagonally across so it will hold its shape after I wash them. I don't want them to get all bunched up in the dryer.

So this is my finished product. I used 2 blankets and some random flannel scraps I had stashed in my fabric drawer. I ended up with 30 cloth wipes, from what I gathered most people do well with 2 dozen wipes.

So how do I like using cloth wipes?
I love my cloth wipes. I can clean a mess with 1 wipe that it would normally take me 3 disposable. The wipes are super soft and the best thing of all is that I can throw the whole bundle into the laundry bucket and not worry about it! For me if you're using cloth diapers it is MORE convenient to use cloth wipes as well.
There are two ways to use them; the wet method and the dry method. I don't have a wipe warmer for the wet method and I don't like the idea of having to be vigilant because your wipes could start to grow mold. I have read if you use the wet method you should use your wipes with in 48 hours and clean out your container. I use the dry method for now and I keep my wipes in an old wipe container and I have a little water bottle with some water. I did add a TINY bit of baby lotion to my water because it seemed like a good idea at the time and it smells nice. I squirt a wipe or two with water prior to cleaning off the baby as I need to. Some people squirt the baby and use a spray bottle. Some people just run to the sink and wet them down. I haven't quite settled on a storage and usage method yet I don't think. If I got a hold of a wipe warmer I would probably give the wet method a try, I might put maybe 6 wipes in the box and try the cold wet method using only a few at a time because I seriously don't like the idea of mold.

Yup I know what you're thinking, I am putting way too much thought into this.
The truth is that I'm caught up on my chores and I'm having fun experimenting with different thing while I wait for our homeschooling curriculum to come in.

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