Friday, August 19, 2011

a website review ~!!buyer beware!!~

I recently bought a book from via my android phone. After purchasing the book I was asked to get registered with some random for of adobe that I have never heard of. I tried several times to register and it said I wasn't "authorized". I was unable to download the book that I had just paid for. I emailed the company within hours. I didn't hear back and I purchased the book from another source. I continued to try to solve my technical problem by working with both sprint tech support and aldiko to try to at least get  it on my PC. After a few business days I email the company that sold me the book and demanded a refund. They were very prompt in getting back to me to tell me I couldn't get a refund. they didn't offer any exchanges either by the way. They did offer a few trouble shooting tips but I had already tried all those things. I informed them that I had already taken many reasonable measure and even tried thing above and beyond what you might expect. This company which put me off for 4 days has been very diligent today in fighting every word I say to them via email. They are polite but unreasonable.

So I ask you; is it fair that I paid for a book and did not receive the book? Is this on the company or should I just swallow the losses. I feel robbed. I would equate this to buying a book from someone like borders or something over the phone or online and choosing in store pick up. Now say my car broke down and was not fixable in the foreseeable future and despite many efforts to make it to the store to get my purchase I am unable. In this theoretical situation Borders has nothing to do with my unfortunate transportation problem but would be obligated to give me a refund and re shelf the book for someone else to buy since I never did obtain possession of my purchase.
Isn't that the same thing as what's happening to me here?

So why is this seller (feedbooks) stealing my money?!?!

I am invoking my right to free speech and telling you to wary of this website. not all devices are compatible with any of  the venues available to download their books and there is no way of finding that out until after you have made a purchase. There is also no recourse for you to take against them except for word of mouth. I lost $10 and learned a valuable lesson. I will not be buying any more digital books unless it's from Amazon or Google books since I know that they are reputable companies and have had good experiences with them. I'm sure there are thousands of people who have had good experiences with this website but I am one person whose technology isn't compatible with their books and wasn't given the chance to find that out until after my purchase. Even if I were suddenly able to download their books I would not purely out of principal because of the way I have been treated.

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  1. I think you should forward this to them and leave it at that. You go, girl. Sorry you lost your money on this.