Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a reflection

On my facebook I commented that I felt like June Cleaver on steroids.
The 1st question I got was "who is June Cleaver?" and the second question was "why?"

To answer the first question; June cleaver is the mom in a sitcom that ran from 1957-1963. It is about your typical all american family.

 June Cleaver is this ideal wife and mom. She stays home and cooks and cleans and never gets stressed and always has it together. She's there whenever you need her and she is always one step ahead of her children. She's the kind of wife and mom and that any man and child would want and every woman wanted to be.

So... why would I say that I feel like June cleaver on steroids?
Let me give you a glimpse into my regular activities. Daily; I home school, go to school full time, keep my house clean, keep up with 3 kids and 2 dogs, and take care of my family. Other activities in my life that happen at various regular intervals include AWANA, hosting a core group (bible study), home school co-op where the kids can get some social interaction, 2 monthly groups for moms, book club, and helping with various women's ministry functions (this fall is women's retreat and my job is hospitality).
The crazy thing about all that and my cause for identifying with June cleaver is that I'm actually pulling it all off!

I'm still learning so much about home organization and child training and time management but we are doing really well. I know that so many other moms do the same stuff and even more but if you had asked me when we first got married if I could picture myself in this successful domestic role I would have thought you were nuts. I never really knew where I fit in as far as what kind of adult I would be. Life just sort of happened to us in the last 5 or so years and I have been running to keep up ever since. I love that I am in my element right now. This IS me, this is what I'm supposed to do and I'm good at it. The only other setting I feel this good in is when I'm working in special ed. I love it when God makes life so clear. Sometimes it's an uphill battle and we walk that path on our knees but it's a lot easier when you know that at least it's the right path.

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