Monday, August 8, 2011

Potty Training adventures continue

I'm not pushing.
Davin is capable and willingly goes potty when asked... most of the time. He won't initiate it though.
I decided to try a different approach since he doesn't seem to mind if he's clean or dirty. (He knows i will change him sooner or later.)
I'm just so tired of buying diapers!!!! I bought him 2 diaper covers and put him in cloth. Maybe if the diapers are a whole lot less comfortable he will want to stay dry... maybe not but at least I will be saving money in the meantime.
Incentives don't work, pull ups are a joke, and he could care less if he succeeds or not. We have even pushed him a little with a bit of negative reinforcement and he doesn't seem to care. People assure me that he WILL potty train eventually but here's hoping I can jumpstart the process.

Any thoughts?

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