Saturday, November 12, 2011

day 12

I'm thankful for our church.
We go to an amazing church! Our church family is HUGE and the resources as extensive. Our pastor is not only compassionate and wise, but also entertaining. We are blessed by a community of people who we have come to know and love.
We have been going to Calvary Chapel Boise for about 4 years now.
Aaron and I both attended Calvery in college, I remember when there weren't that many students in the college age group on sunday nights. Now, there are hundreds of sunday night college age people.
Anyway, after Calvary I went to a different church for about 5 years, it's the church we got married in. It's the church that Cole was dedicated in. Aaron went to second Baptist with his family before and during his college Calvary days. So when we got married and for about 2 years after that we attended my church (Valley Life) but we felt like god wanted us somewhere else. At first we resisted but after we prayed about it for a while we decided to go ahead and attend Calvary again.
A lot of people don't like big churches but I feel liek it really isn't too different from a small church in a lot of ways as long as you get involved. If you get involved and join a small group or serve in a ministery then you make friends and that makes it feel smaller. Eventually you make more friends and your net work grows and pretty soon you are surrounded by an amazing network of love and support.
We enjoy serving others and getting to know other families. I love serving in the women's ministery and iIm always blessed by these ladies. Any time we have had a prayer request or a need of that nature we have been surrounded by more love and support than we knew what to deal with and a lot of times this love comes from people we don't know.
So today I am thankful for my church and for all the ways we are blessed by serving and being a part of that community.

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