Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2

Today I am thankful for living in the time period (and place) that we live in.
We have so much technology and so much comfort. We don't need to be worried about being warm. If we get sick we go to the doctor. God forbid that we should get seriously sick but if we did we would still have a pretty good chance of fighting it.
I have the resources to look things up on a little machine that gives me access to endless information. My kids get all the stimulation and educational opportunities they could ever want or use.
If I want to mop the floor I use a mop and some pledge floor cleaner. My mom used to use a brush and a bucket of water on her knees and so did all our ancestors. I can vaccume my carpet. I have carpet! If my clothes get dirty I can put them in a magical machine and turn it on and they come out clean. Then I put the clothes in another magical machine and they get dried!
If I'm dirty I can turn a knob and water shoots out from some pipe and I get a shower.
I had this for breakfast this morning
If I need to go to the store I can simply get in my car and turn it on and drive to a big place that has all this food ready to go. If I need clothes I can buy them. I don't own and farn animals and yet I have meat, milk, eggs, and clothing. I don't have a very successful garden and yet I have fresh veggies at any time of the year I want them.

All these things and so much more are available to me because I live in the year 2011 in a developed society. Our worries in our society are politics and business and money. We have poverty but even our poverty is different than it is in other places. There are places that their worry is survival and mothers hold their hungry crying starving babies at night wondering if they will be able to feed their kids in time before they starve.

I am so thankful to not have that problem. I worry about "necesities" like clothes and we have had our times when I worried about food but I have never had to fear for my life or my child's life. I have never wondered where we will sleep.

I am SO thankful to live where I do in the time that I do and this is what I'm thankful for today.

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