Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5

I am thankful for my husband.

I'm thankful that God put us together and for the beauty in how we compliment each other. My weaknesses are his strengths and his weaknesses are my strengths. We are both still relatively young and we are still learning many things about being married but I admire his desire and ability to be the leader of our family and he has an amazing, discerning nature. He is patient and tolerant, he is funny, he doesn't judge, he doesn't get upset too easily.

My husband knows me and understands me. He helps me and sometimes I help him too. He's our rock. I'm blessed because we agree on most things and have the same goals and intentions. Like I said, we are still learning but we have a great foundation and it's because we BOTH work together.

We don't always agree but we know how to fight. We always have a lot of love no matter what and we seek to know each others intentions. He steps up when I need him. Even if he's worked a 10 hour day he is always willing to help me out if I need him and I have NEVER heard him complain.

It is for these reasons and SO MUCH MORE that I am so very thankful for my husband.

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  1. I'm glad God had it in His plan and wisdom to put you and Aaron together! I am so proud of both of you! Love you!