Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3

Today I am thankful for my kids.

They are oblivious to daylight savings and it reminds me that they are oblivious to a lot of things and that is not necessarily a bad thing. They are always so full of joy and willing to just keep going. They do get frustrated but they always keep trying and learning.
All 3 are so loving and happy.
Cole is string willed and willing to help. He values justice and fairness. He's pretty responsible for a guy his age. He is talented in sports and does well in anything he tries in that area. He's got a sense of humor and is our family comedian.

Davin is full of compassion and thinks carefully about things and then does his best. He's quiet but if you sit back and give him a chance you can see his thoughtful spirit working. He has a servant's heart and a gentle spirit.

Faith is joyful and loving. She is social and vivacious. She loves music and being active. Faith is a snuggle bug, it is such a joy when she buries her head into you and settles in with a content sigh. Faith is assertive but not demanding and her smile is so rewarding.

These are my children and I am so thankful to have been given the task of raising them up to be strong men and women for God. I don't always feel worthy for the task but I'm thankful that they are strong and will turn out ok sometimes in spite of me. Kids put a lot lot of things into perspective and bring out both the best and worst in us. I learn to see my own actions and attitude and work to improve myself so that they will be shown what is right. The kids show me value in unexpected things and keep the world turning. They are brutally honest and candid with no disillusion of niceties. Sometimes it's hard to swallow but it is consistently refreshing.

They can be foolish but I am SO thankful for their pure hearts and willing nature.
Thank you, Thank, you, thank you!

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