Sunday, November 6, 2011

day 6

I'm thankful for cleaning products. I'm thankful for old reliables like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide which between the two of those you really shouldn't need much else but in case you feel the need to inhale toxic fumes and feel EXTRA clean like I occasionally do there are things like lysol and Kaboom. I'm a big fan or Purell and Dial too.
I'm not overly obsessed with clean but there is a certain comfort in going into a bathroom mainly used by little boys armed with the power of disinfectant. There is satisfaction cleaning up after your animals and knowing that you can still out the baby on the floor.
Our newest friends are turtles and I rely on hand sanitizer, lysol, and dial because turtles can carry samonilla. I sprayed their tank down with hydrogen peroxide yesterday when I cleaned it knowing that even if I wasn't able to rinse all the cleaner away it wouldn't hurt them like a comercial cleaner might. I love that we can give our tiny friends a home and keep our family healthy at the same time!

Thank God for cleaning products!

Here is one of my favorite articles for the basics if you have never heard of using vigegar or peroxide for cleaning.

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